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Syntax Highlighter For SharePoint is a sandbox solution for SharePoint 2013 which provides functionality for the code block formatting. It is based on Syntax Highlighter developed by Alex Gorbatchev and adapted to work with  SharePoint Online.


Shnt Highlighter v1.0.0.0


Solution adds actions to the contextual tab of the ribbon thus these actions are available in design mode of a page or while you are using rich text box on new/edit form of a list item.


  • Open your SharePoint site
  • Go to the site collection settings
  • Click on Solution link in the Web Designer Galleries group
    • If your site is a public site of SharePoint online, the solution link does not appear, but you can open the solution gallery page by URL https://[your_domen]/_catalogs/solutions/Forms/AllItems.aspx
  • Choose Upload Solution action in the ribbon
  • In the Add a document popup click on Browse button
  • Select Shnt.Highlighter.wsp
  • Click on Open button
  • Click on Ok button
  • Choose Activate action in the popup ribbon

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